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Surgical procedures are not guaranteed to resolve the physical issues you’re dealing with. The occurrence of failed back surgery syndrome is evidence of that. Here at Live Well Chiropractic in Spanish Fort, we want to help residents who are affected by that aforementioned issue. Throughout this article, we’ll focus on failed back surgery syndrome and its impact on patients. We’ll also discuss how you can effectively deal with the condition should you experience it.

What Is Failed Back Surgery Syndrome?

Failed back surgery syndrome is a condition people may experience following a surgical procedure. It’s characterized by the occurrence of persistent back pain. The pain that you experience can either be similar to what you felt before the surgery or it could be completely new. The pain also often originates in the back, but it can also affect your extremities.

The syndrome can indeed be the result of failed back surgery. It could be because an implant added during surgery did not work as intended or because segments of your spine did not fuse. The surgeon may have also been unable to work on the problematic area.

However, you should know that the syndrome can still emerge even if the procedure went exactly as planned. An unforeseen problem could have emerged in the wake of your surgery and that is now causing you pain. It’s also possible that the surgery could not completely address the pre-existing issue you were dealing with.

Addressing the Symptoms

The symptoms of failed back surgery syndrome are quite diverse. Apart from pain affecting your back and extremities, others include limited mobility, numbness, and difficulty sleeping. So, how should you go about addressing those symptoms? Paying a visit to a chiropractor will likely help. When you first visit our office, our chiropractor will evaluate your musculoskeletal system to determine whether or not you are suffering from failed back surgery syndrome and provide treatment accordingly.

If the pain you’re experiencing is due to a misaligned spine or a compressed nerve, the adjustments will again prove helpful. The adjustments can ease the pressure on the problematic areas and provide you with the relief you’ve been desperately seeking. Continue your visits to our chiropractor and the symptoms of failed back surgery syndrome may eventually dissipate.

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