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Extremity Chiropractic Care in Spanish Fort

The majority of people attribute chiropractic treatment to spinal cord injuries and other back pain complications. However, this natural treatment method can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, including extremity injuries. At Live Well Chiropractic in Spanish Fort, we provide treatment methods for extremity injuries and a variety of other conditions. Extremity injuries can be painful and make it difficult to perform daily tasks. With our non-invasive, drug-free treatments, our chiropractor will help you get back to living a pain-free life.

What Are Extremity Injuries?

The term extremity refers to the limbs of the body and other parts that are attached or originate from it. There is the upper extremity and the lower extremity. The upper extremity consists of three sections, namely the upper arm, forearm, and shoulder joints, all the way to the fingers. On the other hand, the lower extremity captures anything between the hips to the toes and can be divided into two segments, the thigh segment, and the leg segment. The thigh segment encompasses the hip and knee joints. The leg segment entails the distance between the knee joint and ankle joints.

What Are Symptoms of Extremity Injuries?

Not all extremity injuries end up in painful experiences. They can manifest in different forms depending on the part affected. Some of the common symptoms that most of our patients exhibit include the following.

Deformed Bone

A deformed bone is one that assumes an abnormal shape. We experience this scenario, especially in the common areas like the elbow, wrist, knee, or ankle. These can result in extremely painful streaks that manifest in elbow pain, wrist pain, knee pain, and ankle pain. Our experienced Spanish Fort chiropractor can diagnose the cause of this pain and create a personalized treatment plan for your condition.

Numbness or Tenderness

Numbness is exhibited by a sudden loss of feeling in a particular part of the body. If you suffer an extreme injury, the affected part might be numbed to the extent that you might not experience any feeling. This indicator signals that you should visit us for treatment to correct the extremity injury that you could have unknowingly experienced.

Extremity Injury Treatment

Extremity injuries can range from mild to severe. In severe cases, the pain can be unbearable. This is because many injuries culminate into joint-related pains. After diagnosing your injury, our chiropractor will create a treatment plan for you. One of the treatment methods we may use is extremity adjustments. Chiropractic adjustments focus on realigning and balancing the body to alleviate tension and pressure. Our chiropractor might also use muscle stimulation or trigger point therapy to reduce inflammation around the affected joint. This will improve blood flow and promote natural healing in the body. Our Spanish Fort chiropractor can suggest corrective exercises as well. These stretching and strengthening exercises will improve your range of motion after an injury.

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If you are experiencing symptoms of an extremity injury, don’t wait to seek treatment. At Live Well Chiropractic in Spanish Fort we can help your body heal and recover. Call us today to schedule an appointment.


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